Enzo Biochem Executive Says Oral Immune Regulation Platform Shows "Therapeutic Promise"

Speaking at Bio-Europe 2009 Conference in Austria, Research and Clinical Studies for Treatment of Crohn's Disease and Uveitis Cited

VIENNA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Enzo Biochem, Inc. (NYSE:ENZ) today reported on the Company's therapeutic platforms utilizing oral immune regulation for immune mediated diseases at the Bio-Europe 2009 15th Annual International Conference here calling it a "bright area of therapeutic promise."

"Our therapeutics subsidiary has long viewed oral immune regulation as an exciting and promising platform and one that we continue to pursue through studies involving treatment candidates for unmet medical needs," the meeting was told by David Goldberg, Enzo's Vice President, Corporate Development. "Additionally, as we grow our Life sciences and Clinical Labs divisions, we are utilizing the experience and knowledge gained in our drug discovery programs to better position Enzo in the rapidly growing companion diagnostics space."

He cited as examples of ongoing clinical studies:

    --  Alequel(TM), an individualized therapy for treatment of Crohn's disease.
        A multi-arm Phase 2 clinical trial, with no treatment-related
        side-effects, having met its endpoints and offering the potential to
        induce long-term remission. Current treatments have limited utility with
        potential serious side effects, and, if successful, Alequel(TM) could
        reduce the need for steroids and immunosuppressive therapy.
    --  Optiquel(TM), an oral, novel peptide for autoimmune uveitis. The
        treatment is designed to inhibit progression of autoimmune uveitis by
        inducing tolerance to intraocular antigens, resulting in reduced
        inflammation and inhibition of disease progression. A proof of concept
        trial - that could simultaneously evaluate enhancements that may have
        utility for other indications, including Alequel(TM) -- is being
        undertaken in conjunction with the National Eye Institute.

Mr. Goldberg also noted that Enzo's platform involves the use of "chronic treatments for chronic disease states", and additionally, that the Company has also made progress in the development of its drug screening platform that has yielded orally delivered small molecules having potentially significant effects for bone disorders and diabetes.

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    Source: Enzo Biochem, Inc.